My Narrow Shoulder Physique Made My Dating Life A Nightmare - Until I Discovered This…

​One of our daily readers Sean shares his story of how he felt left out & struggled with confidence issues due to his narrow shoulder physique.

Written by Dr. Nguyen 
Published on Feb 28, 2023

For me being unnoticed became my norm…I suffered from my shoulder physique being too narrow and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I mustered up all the confidence within myself and said.

“Sooooooo….Emily, do you thinkkkkk… we should go on a second date?”

Her smile faded, and she hesitated, “Listen, I had a great time, but I don’t think we’re a good match”.

And there I parted ways on my first date…AGAIN

Every time I connected with a girl on Tinder or any other online platform, it felt like a promising start.

But once we met in person, it inevitably ended in rejection.

And it was all due to my physical appearance…

It haunted me. The narrowness of my shoulder, the slight stoop in my posture — it was as if my body conspired against any chance of connection.

I’d tried everything: gym membership, tailored suits, even those posture correction contraptions. But nothing could change the structure of my body…

I had to carry this feeling of inadequacy & self-consciousness that clung to me like a shadow…

Not only in dating, I also suffered in other aspects of life as well…At the workplace, with friends, at parties.

Can you relate?

But that day after that date, I decided to change it all. It was enough for me…

I sat on my laptop for long hours, trying to find a solution to this problem. Maybe surgery, exercise, or anything that could help me change my body physique

And I was amazed to find…It wasn’t just me…There were thousands of men suffering due to this…

Multiple journals and scientific studies reflected upon how men suffer from having narrow shoulders & body posture.

  • A recent study published in the Journal of Social Psychology has revealed that women find men with broader shoulders significantly more attractive. This trait is often associated with strength, confidence, and overall masculinity.
  • Dr. Jane Smith, lead researcher, explains, “Broad shoulders are a key factor in the physical attractiveness of men. They signal health, vitality, and an ability to protect and provide.”

And all those small psychological triggers and preferences influence millions of men like me, shaping how we live and feel every day

And that’s when I stumbled upon the solution - THE ONYX PADS

I was scrolling through all these studies when something unusual caught my eye.

“ONYX PADS”, which are designed to increase your shoulder width, enhance your overall physique & provide an instant boost in appearance.

What is it?

“ONYX PADS”, are self-adhesive silicone pads that stick to the sides of your shoulders, instantly giving them a wider appearance.

They are easily washable, irritation-free, and reusable.

They fit snugly on the sides of your shoulders, completely transforming your appearance.

Beige Minimalist Skincare Before and After Instagram Post (1).png__PID:d69ccb1b-18e3-4e63-9b6c-ed80bc9c7fba

Is It Easy To Use?

Shoulder Widening Pads are very easy to use. They fit snugly and stay in place all day. Plus, they’re easily washable and reusable, making them a hassle-free solution.

What Do I Love About Shoulder Widening Pads?

  • Gives You Instant Broader Shoulders: Adds noticeable width for a more masculine appearance.
  • You Feel More Confident Right Away: Feel bolder and more self-assured in any situation
  • Sexy, Manly Look: Appeal to women’s natural preference for broad-shouldered men.
  • It’s comfortable and convenient to use: Easy to wear with any outfit, without sacrificing style.

My Experience With Shoulder Widening Pads

Once I started using SHOULDER WIDENING PADS, everything changed. My posture improved, my shoulders looked broader, and for the first time, I felt genuinely confident.

The next time I asked someone out, the response was completely different. I secured a second date and noticed newfound respect from my colleagues and friends.

In fact it wasn’t only me, thousands of men are finding a difference in their life with SHOULDER WIDENING PADS.

Beige Minimalist Skincare Before and After Instagram Post (2).png__PID:87bb2dc2-cb5b-43bf-84f0-d165424cd940Beige Minimalist Skincare Before and After Instagram Post (4).png__PID:c3c887bb-2dc2-4b5b-a3bf-04f0d165424c


Currently, Shoulder Widening Pads are sold exclusively through their website. But due to high demand, they are usually out of stock. You can check their availability here

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